What is the main requirement for dong the building and pest inspection process?

Designed by the County Council’s Planning, Design and Maintenance Consultancy, the works have been carried out by Tilbury Douglas Construction. Throughout the majority of the contract this section of the Camel Trail was closed to the public only for a short period each morning to allow the safe movement of plant and materials. but it has proved necessary to close the Trail from Padstow to Wadebridge for the last fortnight so that a new concrete deck can be formed over the full width of the structure. Following the reopening there will be some final works to install barriers and complete the project, but these should not interrupt use for walkers and cyclists.

An official bridge re-opening ceremony will be announced later in the month. An exciting new partnership between Cornwall LEA and the University of the First Age will see Cornish pupils encouraged to become Super Learners as part of a national pilot project aimed at boosting learning potential and raising achievement. Each UFA partner school, along with instructors from Cornwall Outdoors, have been invited to take part in the UFA Fellowship Programme and nominate a minimum of 2 Fellows.

This training programme reflects the philosophy of both the UFA and the Cornwall Learning Forum, who will be facilitating the fellowship for Cornwall. They will also have a valuable cascading and training role, working to support new UFA partners and deliver UFA activity in schools. Thanks to funding from the Government’s New Opportunities Fund, Callington, Camborne and Poltair Schools and also Brannel School with support from Cornwall Outdoors. This will be built around a series of key challenges, Building And Pest Surveying which promote brain based learning in action and allow local areas to build on their Super Learning Days.

The Intake Day for Year 6 students on Monday, July 23rd will also be run as a Super Learning Day, using a range of similar activities. Poltair Summer Challenge will be held from August 20th to the 24th and will involve 30 Year 7 and Year 8 students. Students will take part in a range of brain based activity, centred on a series of challenges, with the emphasis on team building and team work said Sean. The school’s Super Learning Day, involving over 260 Year 8 students, will be held on July 5th, while the Summer Challenge will be staged from August 20th – 25th. Both will involve instructors from Cornwall Outdoors.

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