What all steps are a must to occur in the process of building and pest inspection?

Their antics will be missed at the feeders, but their leaving gives nature lovers reason to yearn for another autumn return. Saying good-bye to old friends isn’t so difficult when you know they are coming back. Warbler migration is beginning to move into full swing, bringing the brightly-feathered mites back to the Valley.

The Building Inspection Melbourne annual Appalachian Music and Folklife Festival drew people from the Valley and Easter weekend visitors to the Warren Wilson College campus last Saturday. The afternoon was devoted to craft displays and demonstrations on the campus. Night time brought entertainment from the High Town Sturters Bluegrass band, square dancing, a liar’s contest, ballad singing, and the Warren Wilson String Band. Just ask any third grader involved with the Primary Players drama group at Black Mountain Primary and they’ll explain it to you. It is a quote that Karen Bartlett, a 35-year teaching veteran at Black Mountain Primary, uses a lot.

Twenty years ago, Bartlett’s teaching colleague, Cindy Medlock, brought up the idea of starting a drama group to encourage students to express themselves by exploring the arts. Medlock grins as she says that this is their exciting 20th year and that she and Bartlett are still very good friends. She, too, has spent her entire 25-year career at Black Mountain Primary. Primary Players is our way of offering well-rounded children to the world of education, said Medlock.

Add to this dynamic duo two other teachers, Carol Gardner, a 26-year Black Mountain Primary veteran, and Amy Snyder, a 10-year veteran, and one would think that the four were being paid exorbitant sums above their salaries for teaming up to bring a production from start to opening night in just a couple of months. Jerry Green, principal of Black Mountain Primary and a huge fan of the foursome and Primary Players, is the first to point out that these teachers spend countless extra hours, efforts beyond the call of duties and so much more on a completely enthusiastic and totally voluntary basis.

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