Ways You Can Turn property valuation Into Success

Worth about a hundred and sixty thousand dollars so I made in all-cash offer for thousand dollars which was accepted because they were really motivated I immediately began marketing the property to my cash buyer database for a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars but in this scenario I don’t want the motivated seller to see that I was making a hundred fifteen thousand dollars so I chose to do the double.

close matted so once I found my cash back and buy right with the property under contract using my sale side people work for a turnover all my paperwork to my investor from the closing agent and a few days later we close the transaction using a simultaneous close and I was cut a check for fifteen thousand dollars in profit or or or a cower cornered or wherefore dork the fundamental things off and as through the reasons.

18why people don’t do I multi-million dollar property portfolio and another title sounds a little bit negatives little bit daunting but I’m gonna hollow it what I see is the obstacle sand then at the property valuation services end of each up school there’s a tip so you can see how to overcome I think straightforwardness overcome but there’s a bit to get through so there’s any questions and they’re hot keep them for spending cuts would say anything nice and easy happy to take those ones so we can discuss such gonna have a quick look at the fax but despite a quick show of hands who is already property investor nice easy one to start with who isn’t yet a problem this if it would like to make.

okay it heads up those people who want to answer any questions I ask your respective what it is the ones who won’t give me no eye contact and I you are I’m coming for you so I would look at the fax I’m gonna reveal those seven obstacles and have look at what the tips are to overcome them and a the move stop duty but what we’re gonna show you is what I find is a.m. if you read love the magazine’s there’s a lot.

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