The property valuations Mystery Revealed

3waited this is extremely effective is if you’re willing to do it it typically takes years years to do it so let me just to show you awake on the call has come cheerfullest goal here is to do it with its profitable and it’s effective understand it should of goal is not so much generate immediate business.

at this existing people this pipeline and move them into that type because now I have relationship and I’m he people strategically that they’re seeing it over over and over again so electrical marketing typically dadoes marketing release is for a support pipeline anything else is kinda like a safety valve it supports all the stuff that I N G proactively and yes thing is everything doing officially Michael is as real

if you want it really want tithe rule states new experts here is the rule that that is that eventually this one hi want the personal circle has more than enough business flowing through it to create all business all the income all well I could ever want and so what am i doing is the street pipelines alternately our feeder pipelines into this once I got to the church quite a lot businessperson time.

I get one whether assessing expired list and that connect with that they’re not selling of but I connect with them actually relationship I make business from the right away This pipeline boom I future business and that pipeline over time consistently feed me business over over and over again so the goal is every time I get you’ll alright.

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