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Whilst welcoming today’s announcement, the Empty Homes Agency is still not satisfied. As a society we must be saying that deliberately keeping homes empty is a scandalous waste and that carries with it a hefty price. We want to encourage people to bring homes back to use by showing them the positive benefits from rental income or sales proceeds. However, if positive encouragement fails then we believe a financial penalty such as a double council tax is justified.

New Conservative housing proposals launched today place an undue emphasis upon the extension of home ownership as a solution to the critical housing shortages in many parts of the country, says the National Housing Federation.

The Federation has called upon the Conservatives to publish their promised policy document on increasing housing supply as soon as possible to provide a context in which today’s proposals can be judged. Today’s policy document Home Truths: The Right to Own has a more broadly based approach than the David Davis emphasis on Right to buy,  Pest Inspection Cost including the promotion of transferable discounts.

Our calculations based on previous Conservative announcements on extending the right to buy suggest that even the modest re-provision of 50% would be hard to achieve. We need to know much more about how transferable discounts would work and the cost to the public purse and housing association balance sheets.

In 48% of cases, the person’s complaint had not been reviewed by senior managers in the organisations, and we asked them to look into things. He has the confidence of the sector, the respect of the Housing Corporation and the ear of government. He guided the sector through the major changes which followed the 1988 Housing Act.

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