How the whole brief and legal building and pest inspection process in performed?

However, this would tend to have a disproportionate effect on smaller managers, for whom it would be a greater burden.It would also mean that leaseholders of smaller managers would face disproportionate increases to their service charge bills.Therefore, we consider that any application fee should be linked to the size of the manager in some way.For example, the fee might be related to the number of leasehold units managed by the applicant or to turnover.This option would involve giving an independent body the power to punish managers who failed to meet standards.

Any regulatory body would probably have both the power to ban managers from leasehold management and a power to apply lesser sanctions.However, the regulatory body would not be as well informed about the managers operating in the leasehold sector.On the other hand it would not entail the substantial administrative costs of a licensing system and, Building Inspection Prices therefore, it could represent a cost effective way to improve management standards generally.When we consulted on the possibility of this kind of scheme in our November 1998 consultation paper, only 28 respondents were in favour.

Nonetheless, we consider it important that all options should be thoroughly explored before we reach any conclusion as to the best way forward, particularly given the relatively small number of people who expressed any view on this point.Part I looks at the question of whether any regulatory scheme should apply to managing agents only or whether it should apply to other managers as well.From a practical point of view, it would be easier to limit any scheme to managing agents.

Of course, one advantage of a regulatory scheme would be that it should have relatively little impact on good managers.Managers might occasionally be asked to provide information in response to a complaint, but the costs of dealing with any such enquiries should be relatively small.The arguments for and against applying a regulatory scheme to specific groups are almost identical to those set out with regard to licensing.

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