How clients stays stress free with the matter related with property inspection ?

Six residents have been chosen as researchers, who will consult neighbours on a range of issues from crime to green spaces. Ways of communicating range from graffiti boards to the more traditional forms of interviewing, focus groups and consultation events. Oxford Citizens Housing Association, Oxford City Council and Barton Single Regeneration Budget. In some cases the changes were probably due to the green features. One family reported fuel bills had been cut by two thirds. In others though they were probably due to changes in the individual resident’s circumstances. Select environmental measures carefully, consult and inform residents where possible, and make sure the environmental features are well maintained.Building Surveying

Everyone in the survey was asked what they thought about seven features that could help save energy, water, waste and pollution. Some people had the features in their home, some did not. Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne The survey showed what they were and were not keen on, BUT associations need to tell residents how to use these features, especially if they could give rise to anxiety on the grounds of health. A residents’ satisfaction toolkit, trialled by the Sustainable Homes survey, will help associations use qualitative data to gauge what residents really think about living with innovative and ‘green’ features, what works well, and feel concerned about the costs and health impacts of unfamiliar systems.

The toolkit provides information about how, when and where to communicate with residents, as well as illustrating why effective communication is essential for saving money and energy. Construction Resources are offering introductory and advanced training in sustainable approaches to construction from September – May 2004. ESD, supported by the Housing Corporation and the EST, will provide free practical support to deliver energy efficiency schemes in housing over.

Its Innovation Programme offers up to £10k for feasibility studies and up to £90k for implementation of innovative refurbishment solutions which cut CO2. Mary Wasson of the EST said the applications we have had so far from social housing providers look very promising and we look forward to receiving more in the future. The Communities Plan announced in February hails the launch of an ambitious building programme, But is it more difficult to achieve a high level of environmental performance on Section 106 sites?

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