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Why building and pest inspection reports are very important in the process?

 The whole building and pest inspection reports are very clear and precise which gives the exact information of the house in detailed manner. The reports are written in the understandable manner which is the most important thing for Building Surveyor. My Office received Mr Evans’s complaint on 1 August 2002. Seventy-four per cent of people […]

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Why the clients should hire the license owned inspector?

It’s encouraging that a large employer such as ADL is not only concerned about the effect its business has on the environment, but willing to go that extra mile to ensure that its employees are also aware that they can minimise their individual impact on the environment by making small changes within their homes. Here, […]

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How clients stays stress free with the matter related with property inspection ?

Six residents have been chosen as researchers, who will consult neighbours on a range of issues from crime to green spaces. Ways of communicating range from graffiti boards to the more traditional forms of interviewing, focus groups and consultation events. Oxford Citizens Housing Association, Oxford City Council and Barton Single Regeneration Budget. In some cases […]

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